Frequently Asked Questions

(...with answers)

  • How are messages transmitted into space?

    • Your messages are beamed into space with a low wattage 2-5 GHz transmitter attached to an 18 inch parabolic dish. The photons that comprise this message will continue to travel through Space for uncounted millennia.
    • For more of the Science behind this see our Science page.
  • Can aliens hear our messages?

    The signal broadcast into space will expand and weaken as it travels. While it isn't possible to know what an advanced technology can and can't do, we feel its unlikely that aliens will intercept enough of our signal to understand your message. That said, the contents of your message will survive encoded in the photons that we broadcast. Millions of years from now, some of them may pass by inhabited worlds...perhaps inhabited by our decendents.
  • What if I'm stranded on Earth and need to get a message to my Home Planet Klingon?

    Qapla'! tlhIngan maH jatlh. If you want to transmit your message in Klingon or another common language, we have an App for that! You can use the Bing Translate tool at the top of the page to translate this website (or your text) into other languages.