SpaceSpeak Privacy Policy

SpaceSpeak LLC (Company) is dedicated to ensuring your privacy is maintained throughout your use of our services. The Company’s corporate policy is to maintain the security of sensitive information obtained from our patrons.

To use the services, you must have agreed to the terms of the SpaceSpeak Terms of Use Agreement, and have acknowledged this Privacy Policy. SpaceSpeak will never spam you with unnecessary email. Campaign owners for campaigns that you have supported will be able to see your email address and name unless you have specified that this information should be listed as anonymous. It should be understood by all parties that campaigns (also known as Causes) may be promoted through this service and as such, information displayed within a campaign's online presence will be visable online. In addition, Messages submitted in support of a campaign may be broadcast via social media channels including but not limited to Facebook, Google Circles, and Twitter. Messages will also be broadcast into space. SpaceSpeak and associated parties can not reasonably control which terrestrial and extraterrestrial entities may receive this information nor how they may utilize said information. For these reasons, appropriate use of this site and associated services are solely the responsibilty of the users themselves. Usage of the site will be deemed acceptance of the 'User Agreement' and this 'Privacy Policy'.

From time-to-time the language of this Privacy Policy may be modified to enhance its clarity or to comply with legal obligations. You may obtain updates to the Privacy Policy at any time by visiting this website.

Except as required by a valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order, the Company will maintain all the privacy policies expressed in this policy document.